Time-Lapse Video - Coming

As our project progresses, we will be posting time-lapse video of the construction.  Check back here often to see the latest.


Phase 1 Update

Get Details of the Education Wing Expansion in this document. 

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capital appeal booklet cover

Campaign Ending

The active phase (main pledging phase) of the Capital Campaign has ended, but your are still encouraged to make a pledge if you have not already.  You may also decide to increase your support of the new extension now that we are moving into the construction phase of the project.

Grateful to the Past -

    Building For Future Generations


Building Expansion Plans, Details, and Status


aierial view of LPUMC expansion

Aerial view of the proposed phase 1 building expansion

Progress Report

So much has gotten accomplished since our last report. The brick exterior is complete or nearly so on all sides. They concluded
the south (end) wall this week. The glass blocks for the lower level windows have been installed, and we are close to having a
‘closed environment’ where temperature can be kept constant. They have been hanging sheetrock (wallboards) in all of the
spaces, and all of the plumbing and electrical lines are in place.

In the coming weeks, the bell tower will begin to rise up, and the doors to the stairwell will be installed. Though you can’t yet
walk around the new spaces, it is beginning to feel much more like classrooms and spaces upstairs, and the Youth Room is really
coming together.

The Building Committee is beginning to make decisions about the tile flooring in the bathrooms, the color of the bathroom
partitions and walls. Soon carpet selections and paint colors will be chosen for the upstairs classrooms.

The reality of our having new spaces is coming quickly. We have been told that full Use & Occupancy is usually 60-90 days
after the beginning of hanging drywall. So a late February, early March date for moving in is not out of the question.

Please continue praying for good progress on our building, and for weather that will cooperate when we need it to. Please also
continue your faithful and generous giving toward our new building addition. Every dollar you give today will save us $1.37 in
cost of borrowed funds over the life of the loan.

groundbreaking video

Time to Get Serious
The Groundbreaking Ceremony
May 22, 2016 - Video

  Time Frame of Construction

With construction starting in early June, 2016, the project is expected to take 9 to 10 months. We will complete the new education wing expansion and receive our Use & Occupancy Permit (U&O) before we undertake the remodeling of the present education wing, as we will be using those classrooms until the new wing is available. We hope to have both parts of the project done close to Easter of 2017.


  How You Can Help and Participate

During the construction process, we will be spending a majority of the Building Fund to avoid interest charges for as long as possible. Then we will begin drawing on the loaned amount as a kind of line of credit, and paying interest only until the building is completed and we have full use and access to the building. Then we will convert the loan to a traditional mortgage. So for the next 10 months or so, we are encouraging church members and supporters to give as much as possible to the Building Fund. We have fig-ured out that for every $1,000 that is given during the construction period, will save us $1,543 in interest and repayment over the life of the loan. If you can make a cash dona-tion or write a pledge and give a substantial portion during construction, you will be helping the church cut down on the cost of the building and financing.

  Documents & Files

The Groundbreaking Service

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