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Teal Square Methodist Choir Central Methodist University Choir Coming
We had such a good experience two years ago with the French Boys Choir, that when we were contacted by the Central Methodist University Choir, we decided we would try hosting again. The choir of college students from Missouri is coming to the DC area in mid-May. We have booked them to come here on Wednesday, May 17. They will arrive here about 4 or 4:30, have a warm-up
rehearsal at 5, then join us for a church-wide pot-luck supper at 6:00. Then folks will be invited to go upstairs for their concert in our sanctuary. Then the students will go to their host families for the night. Hosts will feed them breakfast in the morning, and have them back at the church on Thursday morning. If you’d be interested, please mark your calendar. A number of host families will be needed, and students will be distributed in pairs. Call the church office, if you’d like to be a host.
Blue Square PMNS Logo  Half Truths
Adam Hamilton's "Half Truths" is Next PMNS

Rev. Jones is preparing for his next Pastor’s Monday Night Study (PMN) class which will be a reading of Adam Hamilton’s book Half Truths. Adam Hamilton is pastor of the largest United Methodist congregation in America. There are so many things people say that folks think come from the Bible. There are some things in the Bible that we think we understand that many people have wrong. In this study, which begins February 27 and runs for 5 Mondays, we will look at sayings such as “God helps them that help themselves”, “Everything happens for a reason” and a number of other sayings that are misunderstood. Please sign up this Sunday and next to enroll, or call the church office at 301-934-2288.
Purple Square lenten study Lenten Devotional
This year, the entire congregation is being invited to read a 40-day devotional book called, “Draw the Circle” by Mark Batterson, the author of the book that was studied here a few years ago called, “The Circle Maker”. There is much to learn about how we can protect our loved ones, our homes, ourselves, and special places in our lives. This will be a profoundly moving and inspiring journey through the 40 days of Lent. Please be praying about and asking if God might be calling you to share in this incredible journey to seeing what God can do in our lives.

Red Square dining out  Dining Out - February
Our next Dine Out is this coming Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 5 to 8 PM and we will all be gathering at the Roy Rogers Restaurant on US 301 in La Plata. They have told us that you don’t need to bring a coupon, and they will give us 25% of all purchases from all customers during that time. This is another of the fun ways we are adding to our Building Fund. Come for the food. Come for the great fellowship. Or come just to help the Building Fund, but please come! See you at Roy’s.

Yellow Square
Safe Nights
La Plata UMC is hosting the week of March 5 – 12 and we need YOU! What is Safe Nights? Safe Nights provides overnight shelter to individuals and families from October 1 – April 21 of each year. The program rotates to a different host site each week, providing dinner and breakfast from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM each day. Staff and volunteers are available on-site to provide supervision, and coordination of services. Participants are provided with everything that they need for their stay, including cots, linens, and toiletry items. Supportive services and enrichment activities are conducted nightly to encourage participants in their journey towards self-sufficiency.
Here is your chance to fulfill God’s charge to us all, and get involved in our churcn. Please see the "Grapevine" for additional information or contact  im Williams, at