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Easter Cantata

Don't miss the inspirational music of this year's Easter Cantata, "Rose of Calvary", presented by the Chancel Choir at 11:00 A.M. March 20. 

Puppet Ministry

Beatitudes Begin New Season

Fall rehearsals for the Beaititudes Puppet Ministry will resume on Thursdays beginning September 11 at 6:30 PM at the church.  Al Turner is the contact.  Please join him.

Technology Team

Training Offered

You have now seen that our church has improved our technology in worship, especially in the sanctuary. There is much to manage: sound, video recording, signal editing, sound recording, and input of short video clips. The Technology team is in need of five or six more folks who would like to be trained and learn how to manage our sound and video productions. Please contact Mark Stancliff or Bill Evans if you think you’d enjoy any role in this ministry.

Disciple Bible Study

Returns This Fall

Ever wanted to know a little more about the Bible, but didn't know how to get started?  Disciple class mighte be just the right fit for you.  Full details are on our CHRISTIAN EDUCATION page.

Angel Wings

Liturgical Dance

So what is Liturgical Dance? Liturgical dance is a Christian expression of prayer or worship through body movement. Such dances can be accompanied by many different types of music. The dancers will respond with an appropriate dance which flows out of the music and enhances the prayer or worship experience. An example of liturgical dance from the Old Testament is the episode when King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant. In other parts of the world dancing as a form of worship is much more popular. In this video, Catie Boggs, Betty Anne Risley, and Danielle Stone perform "Amazing Grace". Enjoy this wonderful gift.

Sunday School

Returns September 7

This year we will be using a church wide curriculum called "The Story" which will take us on a chronological journey through the Bible.  Text books will be available beginning August 17th in the entryway to the church.  Check the "Grapevine" for additional information.

Behind the Scenes

Meet the Beatitudes

Take a behind the scenes tour of the Beatitudes as they rehearse their performance. Learn what it takes to become a "Puppet Master" Meet the puppets, and take a peak behind the curtain. Click the image to see more.

beatitudes puppets

UMW Book Club

Book Lovers Resume Meetings

Read all about the next selection for the UMW Book Club, just click on the image below for all the details.

beatitudes puppets

Choir Wants You

Rehearsals Wednesdays -7:30

Picture yourself in one of our luxurious burgundy robes, with the best seat in the house.  Singing to the Lord each Sunday.  Experience the joy of singing!  Just come to any rehearsal.

beatitudes puppets

Leadership Training Coming - January 14th

This year’s Leadership Training for our church leaders will be held on Saturday, January 14, at 10:00 AM. We will have coffee and breakfast items available starting at 9:30. This year, we will be giving practical tips, and going over some of the nuts and bolts of a meeting process. There will be a refresher on the most key elements of Robert’s Rules of Order. We will also share the list of elected church leaders and officers, a copy of the 2017 Approved Budget, and other important and useful information. Pastor Bruce also has a book to give out to all the leaders. If you have been to a number of these, this one will be different, and hopefully more helpful.


Church Appreciation Banquet

Awards TicketThe 2nd Annual Awards Banquet on January 28 will be here before you know it. Starting January 8, there will be someone at the Awards Banquet table passing out tickets and nomination ballots. Be sure to get your tickets early; since we only have 120 seats, and you won’t want to miss the fun, or the opportunity to honor those receiving the awards. You can fill out a paper ballot, drop it in the Nominations Box, or fill out a ballot on the church website at (click on the ticket image to download the ballot.) We appreciate all that each of you do throughout the year, and want to thank and acknowledge everyone’s efforts, therefore those who won in a category last year will not be eligible to win in the same category this year. Start thinking of your nominations now! The categories are: Silent Servant, Open Hand, Disciple, Exceptional Teacher, Wonderful Worshiper, Shepherd of Children & Youth, Angler, Joyful Notes, Outstanding Staff and MVP (Most Valuable Parishioner). A full explanation of the all the categories and the work we want to recognize is on the ballots.


The Shack

The film adaptation of the best-selling book, The Shack, is coming out on March 3. Many have read the book with much interest and inspiration. In preparation for the movie coming out, Pastor Bruce will lead a five week, book review and theological discussion about many of the points or assumptions the author makes. This special class will be on Thursday nights, from February 2 to March 2, with a plan to go see the movie as a church group on Friday, March 3. You don’t have to be in the class to go see the movie with the group. You should read, or re-read the book before you are part of the class, or go see the movie. Sign-ups for the class will begin soon.


Ramping Up Our Hospitality

Do you remember what you experienced the first time you walked through the doors of our church to come to worship? We want to make it as positive and welcoming an experience as we can. Elaine Shelton, our new Chair of the Hospitality Team, is looking for a team of folks who will serve as greeters and welcomers, and those who will stand at the Welcome Cart to assist new folks get the information they need. This is not an every Sunday obligation but is a round-robin opportunity to be in ministry to our first-time guests. Please contact Elaine at 301-392-5402 if you’d be willing to welcome folks when they come to church, as an extension of Christ’s welcome to all of us.


Opportunities for Food and Fellowship

dining outOur popular and successful program called Dine-Out that allows you and your friends to enjoy some of La Plata’s best restaurants while helping raise funds for the Church continues in January at the Texas Road House in La Plata on the 9th. It's a fun way to share an evening with friends and help the church reach its goal.  See you there. Mike Rainwater is coordinating this program.





Pastor's Prayer Before Worship

Have you noticed something new at our Sunday services?  A few minutes before the start of each service and prior to the playing of the prelude, the pastor is now leading the congregation in an opening prayer to help us prepare for the coming worship service.  We hope you will take the time offered during the prelude to offer your own silent prayers.


Thinking of Joining Us? 

Hymn SingWe'd love to have you.  Did you know that as believers in Jesus Christ we already welcome you as brothers and sisters in our family.  If you'd like to make it formal, there will be  opportunities to join in the near future.    Just contact the church office or Pastor Jones directly.  We would be blessed.



NEW!  Highlights From Our 2016  Vacation Bible School?

      Courtesy of Andrew McCormick