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Adult Sunday School

Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, But I h ave Several Excellent Excuses

The adult Sunday School class that meets in the fellowship hall never quits. They just shift gears.  Angie Barnes and Archie Verdiglione lead a summer long class. This year they are studying the book by James Moore, Yes, Lord, I Have Sinned, But I Have Several Excellent Excuses. This book will look at a number of things we do regularly, that we don’t realize are sins, and what we can do about it. Join the class on Sunday mornings at 9:00 after Café Worship in the fellowship hall.


groundbreaking 2016

On May 22, we broke ground for our new expansion.  Visit the Building Expansion page to see a video and catch up on all the latest details.

Join us for Coffee

cafe worshipOur Cafe Worship service has proven so popular that we have made it a permanent additon to our worship shcedule.  This unique worship opportunity replaces our previous "Early Service".  Enjoy worship in a casual atmosphere in our fellowship hall.  You can have coffee, donuts, pastries, and more while participating in a meaningful worship service that will have the same message and scripture as the 10:00 AM service.  Don't like to sing, then this is the service for you.  Come enjoy and worship the Lord.  8:30 during the school year, 8:00 AM during our summer hours.


Using Our Facilities




Congratulations on your decision to be married! La Plata United Methodist Church is ready to help you in any way we can. Our church welcomes all couples, regardless of your spiritual or religious backgrounds, so long as you desire to be married in a Christian context.

wedding invitatiionThe sanctuary and our small chapel are available to all couples, regardless of your membership status. The fees for having a wedding here will vary, depending upon your membership status or the membership of your parents. An active member of the church is defined as a person who has attended worship regularly and contributed financially toward the ministry of La Plata United Methodist Church over the last year. Non-members and inactive members are also welcome, but with reasonable fees.

The wedding ceremony is a sacred time when prayers and solemn wedding vows are made before God. Your friends and family are invited to attend and be a part of this sacred ritual. The La Plata United Methodist Church staff will assist you in arranging many of the details that pertain to your wedding being held at the church, to ensure that you'll have a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony.

If you have any questions please feel free to call and ask. You may tour our church and sanctuary by setting a time with the church secretary by calling 301-934-2288. To reserve the date you have selected, please call the church office and speak with Rev. Bruce Jones. If he and the church are available on the date you desire, you will be asked to fill out a Wedding Reservation Form, and it will be officially reserved for you when you return the form and submit the necessary deposits.  The buttons at the top of this section will allow you to download wedding forms and planning guides.




The Baptismal Covenant is God's word to us, proclaiming our adoption by grace, and our word to God promising our response of faith and love. Those within the covenant constitute the community we call the church; therefore, the services of the Baptismal Covenant are conducted during the public worship of the congregation where the person's membership is to be held, except in very unusual circumstances. These services are best placed in the order of worship as a response following the reading of Scripture and its exposition in the sermon.

Persons of any age are suitable candidates. Infants and others unable to take the vows for themselves are presented by parents and/or sponsors. There may also be sponsors when candidates can speak for themselves. Parents or sponsors should be members of Christ's holy church. Those baptized before they are old enough to take the vows for themselves make their personal profession of faith in the service called confirmation. Those who are able to take the vows for themselves at their baptism are not confirmed, for they have made their public profession of faith at the font. After confirmation, or after baptism when candidates take the vows for themselves, Christians are encouraged to reaffirm the Baptismal Covenant from time to time. Such reaffirmation is not, however, to be understood as the Sacrament of Baptism. Baptism is not administered to any person more than once, for while our baptismal vows are less than reliable, God's promise to us in the sacrament is steadfast.

Infant Baptisms

baptismServices of infant Baptism are almost always done in the context of regularly scheduled Sunday morning worship and are scheduled in consultation with the pastor. Because Baptism claims and enacts a covenant between parent/guardian and congregation, at least one guardian/parent must be a member of the congregation. Infant baptisms are celebrated for children two years old or younger.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to have infants baptized early in the first six months of life. Children older than two years, normally would wait for the age of Confirmation (approximately 13 years old) or adulthood for baptism. "Sponsors" or "Godparents" are optional for infant baptism. When guardians/parents decide to invite someone to claim that responsibility they must ascertain the willingness of that person or persons to act on behalf of Christ’s church in offering support and accountability to the parents in matters of the Christian faith and life. 

Adult Baptisms

Persons who have been baptized at some time in their life in any Christian context are not to be re-baptized. Because baptism affirms, among other realities, entrance into the Community of Faith, the sacrament is celebrated for adults only when church membership is also being claimed. Because membership in the church is predicated on claiming the Christian faith, persons who wish to join the church must be baptized before taking the vows of membership. 



funeralsArranging a funeral for a loved one at La Plata United Methodist Church involves meeting with Rev. Jones to discuss the details, costs and other issues related to the use of the facility.  Contact the church office for details on arranging a time to discuss your needs.



Community Groups


Supporting our community is part of La Plata's mission, and our facilities are made available to community groups when available.

Facility Rental                                            Rental Form    Usage Fees


Our facilities are available for rental for such things as weddings, receptions, reunions and other events.  Rental is at the discretion of the church.  Please print and submit a "Rental Form" which is available by clicking the button above.