The Sanctuary

the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is impressive and versitile. It consists of a lower level that has 42 padded pews that will comfortably seat approximately 350 people. The upper balcony level has 10 padded pews that will seat an additional 75 people. There are two pulpits at the front near the altar, and five pews behind the pulpits for the choir.  

The Altar features a beauitiful golden cross, and is decorated each Sunday with creative floral arrangements.

There is a piano and organ available for services held in the Sanctuary, and there are ten stained-glass windows that display plant life found in the Holy Bible. In addition, if desired, taped music can be played through the public address system.  TGhe Sanctuary provides a beautiful backdrop for our weeklyi worship services, as well as a lovely venue for weddings, renewal of vows, and other special events.

The Lobby/Reception Arealobby

The Lobby/Reception Area is also the Main Building Entrance and is a new addition to the church. The main entrance has three sets of doors to allow guests to easily access the Sanctuary and Narthex. The church is handicapped-accessible, with exterior wheelchair ramps and an interior elevator that provides access to all four levels of the church complex. The center pieces for the entrance is a large brass chandelier mounted from the 20-foot ceiling, and two beautiful stained-glass windows facing west. The foyer is an ideal location for fellowship and to greet visitors and socialize, and it would be an exceptional place for a receiving line.


The Narthexnarthex

The La Plata United Methodist Church features a Narthex that extends across the entire west side of the church. This vestibule serves as an entry to the Sanctuary, and is accentuated by two smaller stained-glass windows. The Narthex can serve as an overflow seating area when necessary. There are two large plate glass windows that face the Sanctuary, allowing those seated in the Narthex to view activities within the Sanctuary.



The Fellowship Hall 

fellowship hall


The La Plata United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall is the ideal place for a wedding reception or other social event. There is a limit to the number of people who can use the Fellowship Hall (200), and there are ample tables and maroon-padded seats available. There is no smoking or alcoholic beverages permitted. The church kitchen is immediately next to the Fellowship Hall, with a large window access to the food/steam tables used for serving food from the kitchen. 



The Kitchenkitchen

The Fellowship Hall Kitchen is equipped to handle the largest meal requirements. There are two large gas stoves with ample oven space, three large industrial-size refrigerators, two large food preparation tables, a large steam table for prepared foods, and a serving window that faces the Fellowship Hall. There is also a smaller beverage room adjacent to the kitchen that faces the Fellowship Hall. This beverage room has a counter that is accessible to Fellowship Hall and it makes the ideal place to serve soft drinks, coffee, water and tea. 



Classrooms & Meeting Spaces

In addition to the dedicated spaces above, La Plata UMC has many classrooms and meeting spaces which can be used for musical rehearsals, meetings, youth activities and other functions. These rooms are also made available to community groups such as the Boy Scouts, AA Groups, and others.