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Sermon & Message Archives

Did you miss a recent Sunday or would you like to hear again one of our Sunday Messages?  You have two options for catching up, or enjoying your favorite sermon. To watch a video of the sermon, simply click on the screen image. Once the video begins you can expand the screen to a size to suit your own preferences. To stop the video, simply click on it again. If you would like to listen to an audio recording of the sermon just click on the little audio icon to the right of the title. You may also download a copy of the audio (an mp3 file) for later listening by right clicking on the icon to the right of the title and then "saving link as" to a location on your computer.




February 26,  Pastor Jonesaudio file of sermon
        "Beginning the Journey"

February 19, Rev. Ed Chanceaudio file of sermon
         "There's Life Beyond the Bunker"

February 12, Pastor Jonesaudio file of sermon
         "The Difficult Sayings of Jesus"

February 5, Pastor Jonesaudio file of sermon
          "MSG & LEDS"

January 29, Pastor Jonesaudio file of sermon
        "Expressing Our Thanks"

January 22, Pastor Jones   audio file of sermon
       "How to Read & Use the Bible"

Music, Dance and More - Video Archives

Music and dance often enhance our worship services.  Here are a few you may enjoy watching and hearing again.


Select a video to enjoy


Easter Sunday, 2016 - Special Music
Linda Dent Mitchell & Steve Hancock


Angels Wings
"Mary Did You Know" 

The Great Pumpkin Festival 
October 18, 2014


 Special Music - Pat Brennan
  August, 2014 - "Sweet Hour of Prayer"


 David Hamner - June, 2016
"Open th Eyes of My Heart, Lord"
"You Raise Me Up


Talenfest 2016 - Talent Show

 Chancel Choir 1/22/17
"Ever in Joyful Song"


 Special Teacher Appreciation Day
May 19, 2013


David Hamner 5/20/12
"If We Are the Body"


 Beatitudes Puppet Ministry
August 2014 "Food that Endures""


 Steve Hancock, Linda Dent Mitchell * Jim Dent
"New Again" March 31, 2013


Karen Surratt 11/18/2012
Children's Moment

Anthem & Special Music - Audio Archives


music fileDavid Hamner
"Do You Hear What I Hear?"
music fileLinda Badgley
"Lord of the Dance"
music fileArchie Verdiglione
"I Love to Tell the Story"
music fileKat Tillbrook
"Joy of My Desire"
music fileChancel Choir
"We Gather Together"
music fileChancel Choir
"Lead Me Lord"
music fileChancel Choir
"We Are Your People"
music fileBethany Goodwin
"A Living Prayer"
music fileChancel Choir
"The Palms"
music fileGay Johnson
"Via Dolorosa"
music fileChancel Choir - Easter 2012
"The Rose of Calvary"
music fileChancel Choir
"How Beautiful"
music fileGay Johnson
"Safe Within Your Arms"